Ohio WaterJet Cutting

Ohio WaterJet Cutting in Marysville, Ohio will eliminate unpredictability and risk from your supply chain.


Ohio WaterJet Cutting in Marysville, Ohio will eliminate unpredictability and risk from your supply chain. You can count on us to work as a partner who puts you first. You will receive quality, on-time parts and we will proactively communicate with you during the process. We will earn your trust by demonstrating our commitment to you and your team, by delivering what you expect, when you expect it, and by paying attention to presentation – because it matters. We are a unique shop, providing the best customer service, hassle-free quoting and ordering process, and proven waterjet cutting methods, giving you a competitive advantage and guaranteed results.

Your parts will be cut on Omax waterjet machines. Omax is the leader in waterjet cutting equipment. The efficiency and precision of the waterjet cutting allow for faster production and accuracy. We use blended technologies, specializing in waterjet cutting services with additional CNC machining.

Additionally, with our FARO Arm, we have 3D scanning capabilities, and can verify at the highest level of accuracy and compliance, which also allows us to do reverse engineering. Since 2004, we have been using waterjet cutting to improve our processes. Over 18,000 unique part numbers to date have been made on our waterjet machines.

Benefits of WaterJet Cutting

  • Can cut nearly any material to meet customers needs
  • No thermal distortion
  • 90-degree Edges (no kerf)
  • 5 Axis angles up to 60 degrees
  • 5 Axis surface in some situations
  • No burrs – Intricate cuts and complex shapes
  • Precision – Accuracy less than +/- 0.003 inches can be maintained when necessary
  • Nesting parts closer together – Edges can be cut on different degrees of smoothness
  • Environment friendly; only water & garnet, no chemicals

We are a premier provider of aluminum and stainless steel custom parts and fixtures, with deep expertise in automotive jigs and fixtures, metal parts for electronic assemblies, and battery industries. We are a resourceful shop, allowing you to source all of your parts, from a variety of materials, with our team providing you with convenience and reliability. What is it about Ohio Waterjet Cutting that attracts so many customers from across the country? Experience, custom work, and efficiency.



Our FARO Arm & 3D scanning allows us to engineer your product and gives us the capability of reverse engineering.


Your parts will be cut with powerful, precision waterjet cutting services on Omax waterjet machines.


We can produce prototypes, lower quantity items, or production quantities. Contact us for your WaterJet Cutting project, no matter the size.


The efficiency and precision of the WaterJet allows for faster production and profitability for you.





In 2004 we quickly became known by the waterjet machine builders as the shop who could do things that were not supposed to be done on the waterjet.  Our philosophy was “It’s a computer, and it will do what’s it’s told”.  Therefore, finding ways around problems that the control could not handle was something we did often.  Today, the technology is catching up to what we have been doing since 2004.  Some would consider us to be “Water Jeti’s”!

Our vision is to be the most reliable, predictable waterjet cutting company in the United States of America, and have an impact on students interested in manufacturing.

Our mission is to use our talents to provide the best parts possible, to help our customers win. Additionally, we are committed to remaining accessible to schools and their young students interested in manufacturing.

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“Thank you for the excellent work that you and your company’s personnel have done on our job.

I took a risk in designing a device believing that a better water-jet cutting equipment existed somewhere. After seeing your high quality work, I was rewarded for having that faith. At our lab (NASA-GRC) we do have a water-jet cutter, but I am embarrassed to admit that it appears to be quite antiquated and suitable only for roughing out a part when compared to yours. Ours would not be able to do what you have done where the finished dimensions are accurately produced in the same cutting operation. One is impressed with its programmability, accuracy, and non-heat affected process.

In addition, I can’t say enough for its cost effectiveness. Today we are experiencing reduced developmental funding –“scarcity” maybe a better word. By fabricating our design through the conventional machining route, which may be slow and difficult, we would not have had enough money left to build or finish our prototype device.

Thank you again for the fine work and helping us to stay within our budget.”

Ben T. Ebihara
NASA Engineering retiree and Sr. research associate for U. of Toledo presently working on NASA grant, NASA grant

“After 11 years I still feel like part of the team. I know in a moment’s notice I can pick up the phone and call Steve directly and within minutes have my request met.”

Brett Williams
Neptune Technology Group